it's always been our lifeline.

We are so lucky to have loved ones sprinkled across the country and around the world. We realize travel is time-consuming and costly, and whether or not you can make it to our event, you will be here with us in spirit!

If you are able to join us in person, here are a few ideas to hopefully make your travel arrangements a little easier:


Something about DFW airport....


Our venue is kinda in the boonies, to be honest. But here are a few ideas for places to stay nearby:


The Dallas Arboretum has a pumpkin festival this time of year...need we say more?

On the western side of the city, closer to the venue, you could get a taste of Southern life (I’m looking at you, Portland folks!) at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Or you could try horseback riding at Marshall Creek Ranch where Şevket finally became a Turkish cowboy.